Monday, October 20, 2008



October Short Library Programs for Independent Learners- (30-45 minutes)

APA Citations for Works Cited Lists
Monday, October 20 at 10:35 in LIB230 (O’Malley)
Tuesday, October 21 at 1:25 in LIB110 (Matthias)
An introduction to the concept of citations, determining the type of source and finding good models to follow.

MLA Citations for the Reference List:
Monday, October 27 at 10:35 in LIB110 (O’Malley)
Tuesday, October 28 at 1:25 in LIB110 (Matthias)
An introduction to the concept of citations, determining the type of source and finding good models to follow.

Searching Article databases:
Tuesday, October 21 at 10:35 in LIB110 (Mollette)
Quick access to library subscription databases on campus and at home. Learn how to focus your search strategy and find the kinds of articles needed for college research papers.

Reading eBooks:
Wednesday, October 22 at 11:00 in LIB110 (Williams)
Explore the Jefferson libraries’ electronic book collections from eBrary and NetLibrary available via the Web 24/7.Set up your account and learn the basics of searching, navigation, and printing.

Finding Peer-reviewed journal articles:
Monday, October 20 at 12 noon (Matthias)
Use search features of the major electronic databases to locate peer-reviewed and scholarly journal articles and identify the significant features of that type of research source.

Watch for more programs in early November!

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Tuesday, September 30, 2008



The JCTC Downtown Library hours for Fall Break

Mon Oct. 6- 8:00 AM- 7:00 PM

Tues Oct. 7- 8:00 AM-7:00 PM

Normal hours resume Wednesday, October 8

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


State Digital Resources: Memory Projects, Online Encyclopedias, Historical & Cultural Materials Collections

Primary resources are the preferred resource (as opposed to seconday sources) to use when you're writing your paper or speech. However, the difficulty lies in gaining access to or traveling to a special collection library, archives or museum. "The Library of Congress American Memory project and other digital initiatives provides free access through the Internet to the treasures of the Library’s collections that document America’s history, culture, and creativity. Across the country, the archives, cultural institutions, museums, and libraries of many states are collaborating to create similar projects. They provide unprecedented access to materials that document local and regional growth and development as well as a look at the cultures and traditions that have made individual states and communities unique. This directory is a compilation of state and regional digital projects and collaborations identified thus far."

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2006 Core Reference Tools by Diane Kovacs

Need to find an answer to a quick medical, law, and business question? Diane Kovacs, a librarian consultant, has compiled an excellent reference tool to help you find answers. After posting a survey to the cyper-librarian community, here are the "best-of-the-best" starting places for answering common reference questions in medicine, law, business, biology, science, engineering, computer science, genealogy or government documents.

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Studying Student Shopping Behavior...For Their Courses

"Most colleges and universities have fairly lenient drop/add policies.Students can drop a course well into the semester, and courses can be added during a short time window at the beginning of the semester or term.During that course add period, some students do course shopping." This Magma September 8th article details how a group of researchers studied the course-shopping behavior among nine Los Angeles area community college students. Demographic characteristics, behavior influenced GPA and course completion issues were examined.

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Identity thieves targeting college students

"Protect yourself against identity theft. One out of five data breaches occurs at colleges and other schools," according to the Identity Theft Resource Center. What can students do?This Baltimore Sun September 10th article is timely given the start of the fall semester.

The JCTC library staff often finds social security cards, diplomas, drivers licenses and other "official" documents laying next to computers, photocopiers, textbooks, and group study rooms.Be sure to protect your wallet, purse and personal information while studying and attending classes here at JCTC.With that said, have a safe and successful fall semester!


Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Security breaches on Facebook

Some of you may or may not have heard of this, but Resourceshelf, a newsletter for information professionals, reported that Facebook underwent a brief security lapse late last month. A security lapse made it possible for unwelcome strangers to peruse personal photos posted on Facebook. If anything is to be learned from this, it is make sure you're aware any photo you upload to the Web, let alone Facebook, is transmittable UNIVERSALLY. Breaches in security can happen.

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Five Web 2.0 Apps and Tools Worth a Look

Resourceshelf, a newsletter with resources of interest to information professionals, educators and journalists, has identified KillerStartUp's 5 Web 2.0 tools which are generating a lot of interest. I even took a look a one of them, to bundle my RSS feeds and bookmarks. They include: - All Your Feeds in One Place
+ - Worldwide Patent Search Engine
+ - Sharing Your iPod Music
+ - Tech Blog RSS Aggregator
+ - Free Skype Recorder


Friday, March 14, 2008


Spring Break 2008 Library Hours

The Downtown Library/LRC will be open:

Mon-Wed: 8:00-6:00 PM
Thur: 1:30 PM-6:00 PM
Fri: 9:00 AM-12:00 PM
Sat and Sun: Closed in observance for Easter


Monday, March 03, 2008


Publishing Opportunities for Undergraduates

So what types of articles can students publish? Book reviews and news-type feature articles for the JCTC Quadrangle and local papers such as the Courier-Journal, Voice-Tribune, Louisville Defender, and The Review to name a few. Jefferson Community and Technical College’s literary magazine is the jefferson review. The review, published each spring semester, includes works by students, accepts poetry, short fiction, and creative non-fiction. Contact any one of these faculty members: or or for editorial guidelines.

There are alternative means of publishing which are equally impressive: becoming a conference presenter, presenting a poster session and authoring a blog within your field of study. Faculty members can be wonderful mentors to help you tailor your writing to your audience.

Did you know there are journals open to student publication? Depending on your topic, you may want to check the editorial guidelines for these publications:

Economics- University Avenue Undergraduate Journal of Economics is a refereed electronic journal run by undergraduate students from Illinois State University and Illinois Wesleyan University. Previous articles include: The Gender Wage Gap in the Economics Profession, English Language Proficiency and Wage Rates of Mexican Immigrants, and Are Art Students Nicer than Economics Students?

Psychology and Behavioral Sciences- Journal of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences is an annual periodical published by the Psychology Department of Fairleigh Dickinson University at Madison, New Jersey. Articles in ANY topical area of psychology are considered including, but not limited to: Behavioral Neuroscience; Social; Sport; Industrial/Organizational; Clinical; Substance Abuse; Personality; Learning; Psychopharmacology; Health; and/or Medical.

Science- Journal of Young Investigators, Inc. is dedicated to the presentation of undergraduate research in science, mathematics, and engineering. Incorporated as a non-profit, entirely student-run corporation, JYI's staff members currently represent over 30 different academic institutions.

Looking for more publications? Contact Mimi O'Malley (JCTC Downtown librarian) for additional publications.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Off-campus Access to Research Databases

Trying to access research databases (i.e. EbscoHost, InfoTRAC, Proquest) from home or work? Here are steps to access periodical research databases from off-campus:

1) Start at the JCTC Library/LRC webpage

2) Under the heading Library and Resource Center you'll see the caption
Off-campus Access please click here

3) Click there and a popup window will appear promtping you to input your JCTC student ID username and password. Select Login.

4) A list of databases will appear which you can then access from off-campus.

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