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In Depth Dealer Training on : - Bedliner, Color Matching, Interior/exterior of Vehicles, Floors (Slip-proof & Anti-stick), Marine and Industrial


The Dealer Solution for Auto Shops, Mobile Applicators and Specialized Coatings

We specialize in polyurea, polyurethane, and poly hybrid coatings.Safe, affordable, dependable solutions to Rhino Linings, Line-x and Scorpion Coatings Compare Competitor Costs

    DIY Bedliner Advantages

  • Professional Spray Bedliner
  • More Product Per Kit
  • True Pro Hopper Gun
  • Experienced & Available Support

    Dealer Advantages

  • Manufacturer Discounts
  • True Zone Lock on Territory
  • Life Time Transferable Warranty
  • Real Professional Support for All Jobs

Spray-Lining approaches the coloring process a few ways.With our DIY Bedliners, you can choose from our standard colors, or use a paint code and have the tint mixed with our crystal clear bedliner for an exact match.(With any mixing process, the exact color may vary based on batch)

Best Bedliner Dealership

- Targets local Rhino Linings *, Line-X, Carboline ** demand with higher spec, lower cost, more mils & the only manufacturer backed warranty *
- Lowest priced, easiest start up compared to all spray-on bed liners, cost less per gallon & per sq ft at thickest mil height
- UV stablebedliner color, crystal clear, sprayable lining & coating formulas, all poly-hybrid, polyurea, elastomerics & epoxies at or above higher ASTM tested grades
- Proven fastest roi: voted #1 dealership services; sema, nace, world of concrete
- Equipment included, training, best deals & financing on Graco & Glasscraft, new & used
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JEEP Spray Coatings

Specifically designed to support the enthusiast who wants to protect their Jeep inside/out or both.Trained to provide accurate materials for different brands of Jeep.Our support staff are also trained to support you with your job.That includes colors, textures, and thicknesses as well as different material types.

Spray on Bedliner Testimonials

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