When it comes to navigating public records, we are second to none. We were founded on the notion that ordinary folks like you should have the same access to public records as legal firms and big business. We are NOT a government agency — in fact, we exist to help individuals and small businesses find the information they need. Our goal is to simplify the some times frustrating process of gaining access to public documents. We gladly meet the demand that “public records” are just that … public. Too often it is almost impossible for the average citizen or small business to cut through the red tape of court records and documentation. Or sometimes it is too time consuming for individuals to retrieve records from courthouses staffed by untrained, impolite or unwilling employees. This problem has been magnified by the growing demands of a wide range of industries, legal organizations, and real estate companies all using professionals to overide the process, and take advantage of the american public.

Now it’s your turn to have specialists working for you. It’s our job and our pleasure to retrieve the vital information you need. Don’t waste your valuable time, effort and money dealing with out-of-date clerks and databases. We know the “ins and outs” of court records and have years of experience finding almost any type of record. We are especially good at real estate-related document retrieval, but we are fully capable of providing documents that may reside in other courthouses, including, but not limited to, divorce information, probate information and bankruptcy information. Common uses for this service consist of missing/lost document replacement, pre-closing/post-closing requirements for lenders, litigation support for attorneys and many due diligence requirements. These services are available in every jurisdiction of the United States.

Our experienced, professional staff is waiting to give you the advantage by using our industry secrets and tools to efficiently finding all the records you need. No job is too big or small — we do it all. Let us exceed your expectations — we find documents in any jurisdiction, and can help with document retrieval services such as:


Courthouse Research and Retrieval ServicesPublic Records Repository

  • Criminal Records Retrieval
  • Retrieval of Litigation in all courts
  • Federal Tax Liens
  • Divorce
  • Foreclosures
  • Trademark Searches
  • Patent Searches
  • Agency Documents
  • (Legislation) Federal, State, County, and Local
  • Retrieval of articles and documents for Law Libraries
  • Public Record Information
  • Legal Research
  • State Tax Liens
  • Bankruptcy Files
  • Probate
  • U.C.C. Searches
  • Filings (courts and governments agencies)
  • Copyright Searches
  • Documents Abstracted
  • Property Searches (Mortgages, Deeds, and Owners)

?Plus Additional Services!

  • Public Record Storage
  • Public Record Retrieval Services
  • Placing ?public records on web search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.
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