ART's Epoxy
Repair System

Whether you arean architect, facilities manager, contractor, or you wish to do ityourself, you will find a wealth of information and advice at yourfingertips for solutions in repairing decaying and damaged wood.

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Art's Flexible
Marine Epoxy

The first epoxy resin system engineered specificallyfor wood. With strength and flexibility, Flex-Ease offerssimilar flexural characteristics of wood. Above or below thewater line,
Flex-Ease is Amazing!

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Finally a product has been developed thatallows for the glazing of windows with a high quality putty that canbe painted in as little as 24 hours. No more waiting for weeks ormonths for old style glazing putties to cure longenough to paint and no more paint adhesion problems.

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Easy-Stop weather-stripping system is a new concept in reducingair-infiltration. Designed to eliminate the old time consuming methodsof metal jam liners, cushion bronze, spring bronze and interlockingmetal weather-stripping.

You don’t have to compromise on warmth to keep your home’s original windows. ART’s Easy-Stop weather-stripping system will help you to gain all the benefits of sealing drafts and improved thermal efficiency whilst preserving the character of your home.

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How to Videos


Old Floor Repair with Flex-Tec HV Flexible Epoxy from Advanced Repair Technology



ART's Epoxy Repair System




It's easier than ever to get inspired in your historic preservation, restoration and remodeling.



April 2015 - A new video highlighting Advanced Repair Technology's Certification & Training Program. At the Scipio Covered Bridge project on Sand Creek in Scipio Indiana.


Pneumatic Gun

The all-new pneumatic gun from Advanced Repair Technology is designed to be used with ART's 310X Static Mixing Nozzles.

Completelarge repair projects quickly and with ease with our pneumatic gun.


Battery-Powered Gun

ART's 315-BX Battery-Powered Single Cartridge Dispensing gun to be used in conjunction with static mixing nozzles.




The Science of Wood Growth



The Science of Wood Repair





ART's Flex-Ease Marine Flexible Epoxy Repair System




Advanced Repair Technology's Applicator Syringe




ART Handy Citrus Spray










Old Bay Seasoning
An overview of the restoration of original wood details on a Victorian bay window using ART 401 Flex-Tec





Glaze your sash windows
using ART Glaze-Ease 601



How-to re-glaze and re-seal old windowswith Glaze-Ease 601. Now it's possible to create a tight glazing seal over old putty.

Saving Old Windows





Repairing Porch Columns
with ART 401 Flex-Tec





ART Easy Stop




North Bennet Street School: Loring House Window Restoration


Seasonal Videos

Working with Flex-Tec HV in hot weather




Cold Weather Affects Curing Time

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