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Run of the Mill canceled

Due to covid 19 we have decided to cancel this years run of the Mill rally. We want everyone to stay safe and healthy, and your families to be safe and healthy as well. Looking forward to a time in the future we can all get together again.

Baker's Dozen Run Moved to Sept 13th-19th

Bakers Dozen Run has been moved to September.
With uncertainty around large events (I would love to actually call this a large event one day)
We have moved the Bakers Dozen to September. Post Labor Day will have smaller crowds at campgrounds (you know people are going to go) and gives us a few more months to let things shake out, and maybe to stare at that quarantine build you've got and go "You know what? I can make this thing go 1200 miles no problem...."

This years event was designed for you to enjoy the open road on two wheels, and as anyone who's participated in the past can tell you, you might be spending 19+ hours out there socially distanced. Be Safe, Build Safe

Zeros Rally Cancelled

"whats more important mopeds or moped friends?"

I was asked this question over 10 years ago when I was debating between going to my first rally or ordering new parts, and its shaped my outlook on mopeds ever since. So with that in mind we have decided to cancel our 2020 rally, stay safe, watch some Nic Cage movies, and slam some shitty beers, we'll see you in 2021

Zeros Captain

LGN Rally Cancelled

FYI: "LGN has decided that since the Gathering of The Juggalos is cancelled, we will also postpone Philly Fun Fist 7 until 2021. I'm surprised you even wanted to attend anyway with our track record. See you all in 2021. Until then, wear a mask and be safe. Pour out a Faygo for all the dead rallies this year."

MOPITT: Yinzf3st Postponed to 2021

Due to current events, we’re bummed as hell to announce that our rally will now be postponed until 2021. Updates to come as time goes on. We all miss yinz terribly. Stay safe and Rage hard from a distance. See you in no time ya jagoffs

"Go Ahead, Call the Cops" Postponed to 2021

Due to the extenuating circumstances surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, our sickass rally is now postponed to 2021. We hope to see all you moped dude and dudettes in 2021. Date is TBD.

All rallies cancelled until at least June

I'm sure you've noticed that rallies are being cancelled one-by-one over the last month. Due to the dangers caused by the Coronavirus pandemic we are cancelling all official Moped Army gatherings until at least June. We will revisit the situation at that time, but honestly it's hard to say when it will be safe. Whether you are part of an official club or not, if you are planning a moped event we highly encourage you to postpone until later this year.

Moped rallies are a ton of fun — the lifeblood of this community — but we all need to focus on the safety of friends and family. This is an unprecedented global health emergency and social distancing is our primary weapon against this virus. Let's use this time to wrench on our own. I can't wait to see all the sweet quarantine builds once we can get together again.

CryptKeepers rally postponed

The CryptKeepers have decided to postpone their rally by a year. It will now be held Jul 2–Jul 4, 2021 in Goshen, IN and is called "Survival of the Kittest."

Swoops rally postponed

Due to the coronavirus outbreak the Swoops rally, previously scheduled for April 24th, has been postponed. See this thread for more detail. Stay safe everyone.

Rally cancellation: Oh Dear, It’s The Cobblestones!

FYI: the Oh Dear, It’s The Cobblestones! rally in Savannah, Georgia (3/20–22) has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus virus outbreak.

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