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celebrating 20 Years of Earthquake Preparedness Business
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QuakeHOLD! The Leader in
Non-Structural Seismic Bracing

With more than 50 years of combined experience in seismic mitigation, we provide the very best in these services for all types of businesses and facilities:

?Laboratory Fastening
?Clean Room fastening
?Data center seismic mitigation
?Office equipment safety fastening

Protect your employees and valuable equipment from seismic risks with our innovative:

?Countertop fasteners
?Floor fasteners
?Laboratory restraints

Let QuakeHOLD! Industrial help educate your employees about the importance of earthquake safety fastening and the need to have an Emergency Kit close at hand. We have these programs and others:

?Employee Discount Program
?揃ig Shaker?Events
?Other Educational Events

Thermo Fisher Scientific OSHPD Ready Freezer Bracing Engineering Specs and Installation Documents

OSHPD Ready Freezer Bracing Engineering Specifications and Installation Instructions

Some of our Valued Customers:
UCSD Shake TableUCDS Shake Table Big ShakerBig Shaker

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