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Introduction - Big Shop Woodworking in Small Spaces

It seems everytime you turn around there's another magazine, woodworking book, TV or Radio Show promoting the myth that you need incredible amounts of space for a home woodworking shop. These folks make their living at woodworking and generally have big woodworking shops at their disposal. All their stories and shows  about wooodworking shops tend to have folks like you thinking you don't have the space for a home shop.

Contrary to this popular misconception, most home woodworking shops are set up in the smallest of spaces that come to life when a need arises, then return quickly to their normal duties as garage, basement, storage shed, or laundry room.

Next time you read a woodworking book, watch or listen to a TV or Radio Show about woodworking; or see a chart like this one at DIY guru Bob Vila' website, where it says you need a 24 foot x 32 foot space to get maximum enjoyment from woodworking ---

... we know about 1,000,000 folks that have set up incredible home woodworking shops in a whole lot LESS space!

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