Latest Coronavirus Confirmed Cases

There are currently 9,440,877 confirmed cases of SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) worldwide. There are currently 2,389,166 confirmed cases of SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) in the United States.

WuFlu for source information.

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NC Renegade Videos and Links

Hand Signals

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Citing bad coronavirus trends, Scooper extends Phase 2 business closures, issues mask mandate

North Carolina is in no shape right now to open more businesses and resume more social activities during the coronavirus pandemic, Gov. Roy Cooper said Wednesday.

Citing metrics that continue to rise instead of leveling off or decreasing, Cooper extended Phase 2 of his three-part pandemic response plan for at least three more weeks. He also issued a statewide mandate that people age 11 and older cover their faces in public, as of 5 p.m. Friday.

Law enforcement can cite businesses that don’t require their staff and encourage their customers to wear masks, he said, and officers can charge customers who refuse to comply after being asked with trespass and remove them from a business.


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Once Again, Comments

Comments are to be used for valid discussions and sharing information. Personal attacks are not permitted. I had to blacklist two people today. Both attacked me and other commenters on the site. One told me that he now understood I was not a Christian. The other chastised me for believing in the church and the rapture (and that is putting it kindly).

I do not ask for any funding for this site or the time it requires to maintain it. However, this site’s purpose is to provide a venue for discussions based on information, intelligence and facts. Personal agendas are the last thing that we need on the edge of a civil war.

David DeGerolamo

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Information Update

Dow Jones: down 710

Gold: up and down all day, currently down $6

9mm ammunition available from our distribution chain: 0

223 ammunition available from our distribution chain: 0

Reloading supplies (powder, bullets, primers) available our distribution chain: 0

COVID-19 lockdowns are on the increase

Trump calls out the national guard in Washington, D.C. to protect our national monuments from the Democrat backed anarchists including Black Lives Matters which Glenn Beck will document tonight on his Wednesday night update.

Just another day before the CWII starts.

David DeGerolamo

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Take Down White European Jesus: Progressive Calls to Remove White Supremacy Tool

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Are You READY for the PURGE?

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An Incorrect Assumption

An interesting opinion from the Smoky Mountain News:

“I will be voting only for Republicans. That’s my goal in November from President Trump down to county commissioner, top to bottom, I am there to vote for and get Republicans into office,” she said. “Lynda Bennett is not a Republican. Lynda Bennett is a Tea Party fringe candidate. I listed off for you all of the organizations and groups that I’ve worked with for Republicans for well over a decade, and Lynda Bennett has never been part of any of those. Lynda Bennett has hired and surrounded herself locally only with Tea Party members. It’s her only endorsement in NC11.”


I have written previously about the three factions comprising the Tea Party movement:

  1. TEA Party – individuals who feel that working Americans pay too much in taxes. Their TEA stands for Taxed Enough Already. The best known example of this was Asheville TEA Party. Their main focus is personal finances, not public virtue.
  2. Tea Party Republicans – The Republican party quickly saw an opportunity to use the Tea Party movement to advance their political agenda. Groups were co-opted and became little more than Republican fronts to promote the party and individual political ambitions. Lynda Bennett was the poster child for this example and her actions destroyed the Haywood County 912 Group.
  3. The last and smallest portion of the Tea Party (and 912 Groups) were people who were sapient and saw that our country was in serious trouble. They wanted to put us back to our foundational principles.

Lynda Bennett did not lose the primary because she was endorsed by Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Jim Jordan, GRNC, Asheville TEA PAC or other partisan hacks looking to share perceived power. She lost because her actions within the Haywood County 912 exposed her political ambitions, poor character and low intellect.

To be clear, Lynda lost because of the Tea Party in WNC. Asheville TEA PAC was not an endorsement but an attempt to ingratiate into the new perceived power. Jane Bilello’s misuse of Asheville TEA Party/PAC was part of the collusion to insert a candidate instead of electing a candidate. Jane’s actions have marginalized the Asheville TEA Party and PAC.

The initial comment above concerning Lynda Bennett’s support by the fringe Tea Party is incorrect. The Tea Party that comprised the smallest portion as outlined in item 3 above played a large part in Lynda Bennett’s defeat. Lynda Bennett’s actions over the past ten years have caught up with here.

David DeGerolamo

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Lyin’ Lynda Loses

Lynda Bennett (@LyndaBennettNC) | Twitter

Western North Carolina won a huge victory today as Lyin’ Lynda Bennett lost the primary runoff to Madison Cawthorn. The GOP establishment’s anointment of Lynda included a conspiracy led by Mark Meadows and family, Jane Bilello and the Asheville TEA PAC/TEA Party, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and Jim Jordan. Some jumped on the Bennett wagon as a means to increase their personal power connections since it appeared that her nomination was secured by the powers that be. However, they made a fatal mistake inunderestimating the reputation that Lyin’ Lynda earned by her actions over the past ten years.

I have been chastised by political pundits who supported her in WNC because they “knew” that she was going to be the nominee. That logic is what got us in this position across the country. Thom Tillis is example where the people did not win because the Republican Party felt Greg Brannon would lose in the general election. I also would like to point out that while she lost every county but one (so far), she lost her base of Haywood County. For those who argued with me that she enjoyed broad support across the 11th District, I can only say that I never believed Lyin’ Lynda and I never believed anyone who supported her.

Congratulations to Madison Cawthorn on a victory in the primary and a victory for the people.

David DeGerolamo

Madison Cawthorn28,01265.2%
Lynda Bennett14,95634.8%

42,968 votes, 288 of 304 precincts reporting

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A New, More Serious Covid-19 Mutation To Worry About (D614G)

Continuing its Keystone Kops manner of dealing with covid-19, the US appears to be caught flat-footed by the resurgence of infections happening across many southern and western states right now.

Yes, people are tired of being cooped indoors and wearing masks. Summer is here and they want to get outside, spend time with loved ones, and get back some normalcy of life. But the Honey Badger virus ‘don’t care’.

Covid-19 sees our loosening restrictions as a welcome invitation and is borrowing in with enthusiasm. Making matters worse for us human hosts, a new strain of the virus — the D614G mutation — has been identified. It appears to be more contagious and serious than most previous strains.

So, for those who do not want to catch covid-19, now is not the time to start letting down your guard. We are not through the woods by a long shot yet.

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You Called Down the Thunder

“If I say to the wicked, ‘You shall surely die,’ and you give him no warning, nor speak to warn the wicked from his wicked way, in order to save his life, that wicked person shall die for his iniquity, but his blood I will require at your hand.” ~ Ezekiel

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‘Cracka’ Flips Script, Enslaves White Supremacist to Black Master

A new sci-fi drama, ‘Cracka’, flips the script on white supremacists, throwing one such man back in fictional time where he’s enslaved to a Black master. But the producers say it’s not just a rage show with Black people as despicable racists. Can provocative art constructively advance the conversation about racial justice?

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Leftists Seek To Remove “White” Jesus and Teddy Roosevelt

BLM Activist Shaun King calls to remove “white” Jesus and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio supports removing the Teddy Roosevelt statue.

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Facebook Content Moderator: ‘If Someone’s Wearing MAGA Hat, I’m Going to Delete Them for Terrorism’

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TL Davis: Partisans of America

The problem with most patriotic Americans is they have not yet come to grips with the fact that they live in an occupied country. They are the modern equivalent of Yugoslavia or Poland of the Second World War. Except the U.S. has not been invaded by a foreign enemy, the U.S. has been converted to communism at every level of society and the depths to which that is true is only now becoming obvious, but still people in America refuse to recognize what is right before their eyes. 

If you watch this video, one that was made nearly forty years ago, you will understand it, grasp it with all of its weight.

You can start watching about 45:00?if you don’t need to know the legitimacy of the person speaking, but Yuri Bezmenov was the real deal, a KGB agent tasked with using the techniques we see playing out on our streets today.?

It’s way past the time for trying to figure out what’s happening. It has already happened. Look at all the indications of what was once America. Do you see sports the same way? Do you see the news the same way? Do you see school the same way? Is there one thing you can still do without some politics being involved in it? Don’t you see what they have done to your America? It’s all politics all the time with your sports team, the information you are allowed to see and hear, what your children bring back from school. It is a constant drumbeat of those tearing down everything American, preparing it for the change, when the flags come down and their flags go up. They are removing statues and defacing memorials and what government entity stands in their way? None. Ever. These governments are not on your side and I don’t care how many Republicans were elected. They gave up America to institute control over your building permits, your access to water, power, even cable TV. They want to tell you how to separate your trash for heaven’s sake. They can’t leave anything alone. They used liquor licenses, business licenses, barber licenses and daycare licenses to drive you back into your homes and obey their dictates. That was all the proof they needed of your status as a compliant communist patsy.?


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