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Standard Flow Reducing Regulators

Reducing Regulators

High Pressure reducing regulators rated up to 6000 psi or in some cases 7000 psi. Spring/hand loaded and dome loaded versions available in different outlet pressure ranges, flow capabilities and materials.
211 Back Pressure Regulators

Back Pressure Regulators (Priority Valves)

High Pressure Back Pressure, PRV, or Pressure Maintaining Valves.These valves remain shut until pressure upstream exceeds a set value. Different flow and fitting configurations available.
Open/Close Valves (816-BH)

Open/Close Valves

High pressure on/off valves.Hand operated toggle valves and air operated valves are available in both high and low flow variations.
504 Relief Valves

Relief Valves

High pressure relief valves in a variety of configurations and materials.
1018 Sequence Valves for Automatic Cascading

Sequence Valves

High pressure sequence valves with both high and low flow capabilities.These valves are primarily used for cascade systems.
Unloader Valves and Pressure Switches

Unloader Valves and Pressure Switches

High pressure components to relieve compressor'sinter-stages or toggle a switch at a preset pressure.Unloaders allow a compressor's interstages to drain when the compressor is shut down so it can be restarted. Pressure switches are ususlly used to turn on or off a compressor at a predetermined pressure.
955 Check Valves

Check Valves and Flow Limiting Devices

High pressure gas or fluid flow components used to limit flow.Check valves are one-way valves.Flow fuses are used to choke flow in the event a fill hose breaks.Flow orifices limit flow to a predetermined amount determined by the orifice size.
Bleed Valves, Indicators, Filters and Adapters

Bleed Valves, Indicators, Filters and Adapters

High pressure fittings including: Hand operated bleed valves, inline filters and SCBA fittings which are rated to 6000 psi and visual indicators rated to 5000 psi.
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