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Check out the EnviroDIY Mayfly Data Logger, a powerful user-programmable microprocessor board that is fully compatible with Arduino IDE software.

For sketches, libraries, and documentation, visit our EnviroDIY GitHub repository.

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  • Profile picture of Matt Barney

    Hi Neil, thanks so much – the detail is appreciated! I need to check with our hydrology staff to learn their accuracy requirements. To date, our Mayfly deployments have used the CTD-10 from Meter, but we have a new site where we’re only interested in depth, and the MaxSonar would be a cost savings over the CTD-10 in that case. However, I’m…[Read more]

  • Profile picture of Shannon Hicks

    We finally received the Mayfly boards and other accessories, so we’re working to get everything tested, packaged, and shipped to Amazon as quickly as possible.Everything will hopefully be available online again by this weekend or early next week.

  • Profile picture of Sara Damiano

    Are you using Arduino core on your ESP8266 or are you using NodeMCU Lua?They are completely different firmwares; Arduino core uses cpp and has many libraries that parallel functionality to an AVR Arduino board like the Arduino Uno.NodeMCU uses Lua script.

    I use softwareserial and ive heard that it work but dont really know.

    There is a…[Read more]

  • Profile picture of Deppi

    I use softwareserial and ive heard that it work but dont really know. But i am continuing some code for a module. As i couldnt download his code i made it from scratch. Acording to how i connected it it seems like its connected to the nodemcu but actually i dont really know sadly

  • Profile picture of Rory G

    Rory G posted an update 3 days, 9 hours ago

    Hey All, I was really excited to purchase a Mayfly data logger but I see that they are currently unavailable on Amazon.com which I believe is the only location where they are sold. Does anyone know if this is a regular occurrence and or when they will be made available again?

    I’d also like to ask why they can’t ship to Canada? I do live somewhat…[Read more]

    • Profile picture of Scott Ensign

      Rory G, our Amazon stock is sold out but we should have the storefront restocked soon. Shannon Hicks recently posted this:

      Shannon Hicks replied to the topic MayFly Kit/Bee Adapter availability December 2019 in the forum Mayfly Data Logger
      14 days ago

      All the starter kits I sent to Amazon at the beginning of the month sold out within a few days…[Read more]

      • Profile picture of Rory G

        That’s great to hear that they’re selling as well as they are and that more are being made available. Is there any thought on if the data logger will be shipped to Canada in the future?

  • Profile picture of Sara Damiano

    I am so very unimpressed with the SARA R410.It does not deserve its name.

  • Profile picture of Sara Damiano

    Oh, no, the hold for the URC *is* working.It’s just not holding for long enough.It gives up after 75s and the code wasn’t smart enough to differentiate between a ‘0’ = nothing in the returned buffer and ‘0’ = the modem returned that it opened the socket with 0 errors.The CSQ responses show good signal you’re already registered on the network…[Read more]

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