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WWDC, it went virtual, and a lot is out there

As I’ve stated, I’m trying to catch up on blog posting, and the recent news has been on WWDC, Apple’s June event.While i taped a podcast with Blind Bargains, they were delayed with WWDC and its big this year.

First, I went to see what Apple Vis had on the topic.Not disappointing me, they did, and it is very detailed.WWDC 2020: New Software and Fresh Chips is the blog post and mehgcap, the author of the blog, did a great job on this one.It is very detailed, and hey! I really like the idea of the car key idea. We won’t be using it, but I happen to agree that it is a cool feature!We’ll have to see how it works in practice.

Next, Blind Bargains has two items that is of value.They cover some voice over specific IOS stuff in their blog post entitled #WWDC: VoiceOver Gains New Image Description Capabilities among other Changes. Their other item is Blind Bargains Qast 211: WWDC Goes 2 11. While I was penciled in for 211, Its OK to be put off as this event is a big event and the podcast linked here has tons of links to various other pages around the web that might be of interest.

I hope this is of value to you, and thanks so much for reading the blog!

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Jaws, June 2020

Its been awhile since I’ve been blogging, and I hope to change this.The following is a blog post talking about the new updates to Jaws and the section we take from is from the June 2020 section of the web page.For complete details, go to the what’s new in Jaws Screen Reading web page where you can check out what is new in 2020 and get incremental updates like this one, April, and other updates that you may have missed.

Enhancements in JAWS 2020.2006.12 (June 2020)

The following is a list of improvements made between the April 2020 release and the June 2020 update.
To download the latest release, visit the Downloads web page.
You must be logged on as an administrator to install this software.

Updated Braille and Text Viewers

For many years, the JAWS Braille Viewer has been a very helpful tool for visually displaying on screen, the textual representation of exactly what JAWS
is outputting on a refreshable braille display. This is very useful for sighted instructors, script writers, and testers who do not read braille or have
limited or no access to an actual braille device. The Braille Viewer represents the number of cells on the currently connected braille display. For example,
if a Focus 80 or Focus 14 is connected, you will see 80 or 14 cells on the screen. If a physical display is not in use, the Braille Viewer will represent
a 40 cell display including status cells.
In JAWS and Fusion 2020, we have made several much needed updates including improved support for displaying contracted braille, the ability to show braille
text as well as the actual braille dot patterns, and a visual connection so a sighted person can see which dot patterns are used to represent characters
and words. We have also added Layered keystrokes to simulate display panning which will really benefit sighted script writers.
To activate the Braille Viewer, navigate to the Utilities menu in the JAWS main window, open the Braille and Text Viewer submenu, and select Enable Braille
Viewer. You can also now press the new layered command INSERT+SPACEBAR, followed by V, and then B to toggle the Braille Viewer on or off. The following
braille navigation commands are also available after pressing INSERT+SPACEBAR, V:

? Pan left: LEFT ARROW
? Pan right: RIGHT ARROW
? Prior line: UP ARROW
? Next line: DOWN ARROW

The popular Text Viewer utility has also been brought over to JAWS and Fusion. This will be a welcome addition especially for those who previously used
The Text Viewer displays a continuous line of text across the top or bottom of your screen. It provides clarity and ease of reading by allowing you to
work in a live application while referencing normalized text in the Text Viewer window. You control the text formatting (font styles and colors) that displays
in the window so that it is easier for you to read documents, e-mails, Web pages, and more. This is very useful when you encounter text that is difficult
to read because of its formatting, varying sized text, and contrasting colors used in the application.
The text shown in the Text Viewer window follows your navigation within Windows. For example, if the cursor is moved, the text at the cursor position displays
in the Text Viewer window. Likewise, if you navigate with the mouse, the text that comes in contact with the mouse displays in the Text Viewer window.
When used in Fusion, Text Viewer eliminates the need to adjust the magnification level of the screen when trying to follow along with what Fusion is reading.
This is especially helpful when reading with Say All (INSERT+DOWN ARROW).
To activate the Text Viewer, go to the Utilities menu in the JAWS main window, open the Braille and Text Viewer submenu, and select Enable Text Viewer.
You can also press the new layered command INSERT+SPACEBAR, followed by V, and then T to toggle the Text Viewer on or off. The Text Viewer also provides
easy right and left line panning keystrokes. After pressing INSERT+SPACEBAR, V to enter the Braille and Text Viewer layer, press CTRL+RIGHT ARROW or CTRL+LEFT
The Braille Viewer/Text Viewer is a visual only option and the PC focus does not move to this window. Once activated, it will automatically start whenever
JAWS or Fusion is restarted. The Braille and Text Viewer window resizes your application windows to avoid covering anything someone may need to work with,
and when closed, the windows go back to full screen. You can place the windows on the top or bottom of the screen as well as customize the font, point
size, and the background and foreground colors for displayed text. The Braille and Text Viewer even works in a multiple monitor setup. To configure these
options, go to the Utilities menu in the JAWS main window, open the Braille and Text Viewer submenu, and select Settings.
Note: Fusion must be running in Full Window Mode in order to use the Braille and Text Viewer. If a user switches to Lens or Split View while the Braille
or Text viewer is active, it will be suspended until you return to Full Window magnification.

New Option to Keep Wireless Speakers and Sound Cards from Clipping Speech When JAWS or Fusion Begins Speaking

Many modern Bluetooth headphones and speakers as well as some onboard sound cards shut down when no audio is received in order to conserve battery. JAWS
now includes a new option, which when enabled, keeps these devices awake by constantly playing silence. You will not hear anything, but your device will
remain active, resulting in more consistent speech. To enable this feature, open Settings Center (INSERT+6) on the number row, press CTRL+SHIFT+D to load
the default settings, and search for “Avoid speech cut off when using Bluetooth headphones or some sound cards.”
Note: The battery of your headphones/speakers could drain faster if you choose to turn on this feature. This option is also not available if the Audio
Ducking feature is enabled which lowers the audio volume of programs while JAWS speaks.

Other Changes

? When connecting to a remote computer using remote access software (Remote Desktop, Citrix, VMware Horizon, or Amazon WorkSpaces), JAWS and Fusion can
now get its remote authorization from a license installed locally on the remote computer if it is running a work station operating system like Windows
10 Professional. For example, you have a JAWS Professional license with remote access authorization on a Windows 10 computer at your office which you sometimes
connect to from home using Remote Desktop, but you only have a Home Annual license with no remote authorization on your personal computer. When you establish
a remote connection between your home and work computers, as long as you are running the June 2020 release or later of your Freedom Scientific software,
JAWS will use the license on your work computer to enable the remote access flag.
If connecting to a remote computer running a server operating system like Windows Server 2019 which supports multiple user connection, JAWS and Fusion
will continue to only use the license on the client or a Freedom Scientific network license server for authorization.
? To address reported issues with removing ILM timed licenses, new options have been added to the License sub menu located in the JAWS Help menu. Select
Remove current activation to remove the JAWS activation key or select Remove all products activation to remove any activation keys for JAWS, Fusion, ZoomText,
or MAGic installed on your computer. If you perform a full install of the June 2020 update or later, a new Remove all products ILM activation shortcut
is also added to the Utilities folder.
? Beginning with the June 2020 release, if you perform a clean install, the option to send anonymous usage data as you use JAWS and Fusion is now enabled
by default. If you install as an update, you will be asked if you want to turn this feature on if it is not already enabled. Having this feature on is
necesary to use certain features such as Picture Smart. See our
Anonymous Data Collection Policy
for more information about what we collect.
? When installing JAWS, ZoomText, or Fusion, there is now a link to view the End User License Agreement on the Freedom Scientific website.
? In Excel, resolved a customer reported issue where JAWS was not reading as expected in the Sort By combo box.
? Removed the Stock Quotes Research It lookup source as this information could no longer be retrieved due to significant changes to the NASDAQ website.
? Pressing ENTER no longer turns off Forms Mode in edit fields. Forms Mode now only deactivates when focus moves away from an edit field when using Auto
or Semi-Auto or when you press ESC or the PC Cursor command (NUM PAD PLUS or CAPS LOCK+SEMICOLON).
? The option to have JAWS and Fusion announce nesting levels for list items in web-based editors like Google Docs is now enabled by default to be consistent
with Microsoft Word. If you do not want to hear this information when reading bulleted or numbered lists, open Quick Settings (INSERT+V) and turn off List
Nesting Level Announcement.
? Improved JAWS indication of ARIA group names for check boxes and list items.
? Resolved an issue using JAWS with the about:config page in Firefox which allows you to configure advanced preferences or experimental features.
? Addressed an issue where button labels were being announced twice when using INSERT+B to read the contents of some dialog boxes.
? Addressed a reported issue where JAWS was not announcing indentation in the Visual Studio Code application.
? Added a new JAWS dictionary entry for TPGi.

That’s it.Feel free to read the web page linked at the top of this post for full details and links, and thanks for reading!

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Uber pushing in to on demand transit options

I was sent this article in regards to Uber pushing in to on demand transit options for people. While it is in a testing environment, Tech Crunch indicates that this isn’t the first time for this ride haling company. Uber pushes into on-demand public transit with its first SaaS partnership is the article. Lets see how this goes.

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Fileless attacks, they’re becoming real

I’ve seen some articles in regards to something called fileless attacks.This is a type of attack that doesn’t use any files, it uses the operating system to do its dirty work. I’m not too familiar with this type of thing, I understand the concept, so I’ll just let you read Netwalker Fileless Ransomware Injected via Reflective Loading which is just one of many articles you can find on the subject. Be safe out there.

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More Zoom trouble, better get your installer game on

I’m trying to catch up on stuff that I’ve read that is a little back dated, so bare with me a little bit.

You need to get your installing game on, because an article talking about fake installers of Zoom which include some very interesting things that you may not want.

Cybercriminals are taking advantage of “the new normal” — involving employees’ remote working conditions and the popularity of user-friendly online tools
— by abusing and spoofing popular legitimate applications to infect systems with malicious routines. We found two malware files that pose as Zoom installers
but when decoded, contains the malware code. These malicious fake installers do not come from Zoom’s official installation distribution channels. One of
the samples installs a backdoor that allows malicious actors to run malicious routines remotely, while the other sample involves the installation of the
Devil Shadow botnet in devices.

This is only the beginning, and Trend Micro has plenty more about this tactic.Its never too late to be aware of this, so I still feel that it is worth passing it long.

Backdoor, Devil Shadow Botnet Hidden in Fake Zoom Installers is the article, and stay safe!

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Social Media leaking sensitive information, something to think about?

This is why I don’t use social media. Yes, I have my twitter, facebook, and even Linked in and they’re nice services. But I don’t hardly post much except for articles like this one and others I am going to read anyway, and even post to this blog when time allows.

Social Media is supposed to be used for sharing information, and they’d love you to share information about your life. According to Phishlabs, they wrote:

Threat actors are using social media accounts to expose and sell data that has been compromised. While information found on many of these platforms has
traditionally been disclosed by enterprises and individuals with intent, cyber criminals are taking information acquired by means of scams and data breaches
and promoting their sale on various social platforms not always monitored by security teams.??

This is the beginning of a very interesting article thats out about how Social Media information can be used for bad.There are bad actors, and I’ve changed the way I use social media, maybe its time to really think about whether its really worth it.According to this article, 1 million sensitive records were leaked last month alone due to breaches.If thats not enough, I don’t know what is.

Social Media Platforms Latest Channels used to Leak Sensitive Data is the article and its a discussion point to have for sure. Thoughts?

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An ad campaign detering cybercrime

In yet another good news piece, the United Kingdom is doing something about detering their citizens from going to cybercrime.In an article from Cyberscoop, this campaign has had some great success.

This article comes from Krebs on Security and was awesome to see.

The United Kingdom’s anti-cybercrime agency is running online ads aimed at young people who search the Web for services that enable computer crimes, specifically
trojan horse programs and DDoS-for-hire services. The ad campaign follows a similar initiative launched in late 2017 that academics say measurably dampened
demand for such services by explaining that their use to harm others is illegal and can land potential customers in jail.

For example, search in Google for the terms “booter” or “stresser” from a U.K. Internet address, and there’s a good chance you’ll see a paid ad show up
on the first page of results warning that using such services to attack others online is illegal. The ads are being paid for by the U.K.’sNational Crime Agency,
which saw success with a related campaign for six months starting in December 2017.

This is only the beginning.If we in the U.S. can do the same, or even other countries around the world, this cybercrime thing may have a chance to go down.It may not be the end all solution to cybercrime, but we should start somewhere.

UK Ad Campaign Seeks to Deter Cybercrime is the article, and I hope this is a starting point to more great news in this space.

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Lets start this week with some good news

As we start another week here on the blog, I want to start with some good news for a change. I know the week here is starting on Wednesday, but I’ve been involved in my next assignment among yesterday sleeping half my day which was not what I wanted to do.

The good news comes in two articles I sent over to my address for future blogging and I thought that the next time I blogged, I’d start with these.

Romanian Skimmer Gang in Mexico Outed by KrebsOnSecurity Stole $1.2 Billion is the first story, and while the guy here talked about was picked up, the Mexican Police got a wakeup call with their corruptness.Crime should not pay, and if I had stole 1.2 million dollars, you bet if they came knocking on my door, I’d be arrested.With the recent protests lately, we know that things aren’t necessarily fair, but I think they surely try

I can’t forget a related article to the first one that I should put here, Report: ATM Skimmer Gang Had Protection from Mexican Attorney General’s Office. This is journalism at its best, and I think both of these articles should be read starting with this one, than moving to the first one in this list.

Finally, in the good news department, Cyberscoop continues to report on the fin7 group.Federal officials have arrested another accused FIN7 hacker is great news as the cybercrime activity continues amit the various things going on in the world now a days.

A Ukrainian national was arrested last week in Seattle for his alleged involvement in hacking operations run by FIN7, a syndicate known for stealing approximately
$1 billion from its victims in the United States.

According to court documents obtained by CyberScoop, Denys Iarmak has been charged with conspiracy to commit computer hacking, accessing a protected computer
to commit fraud, intentional damage to a protected computer, access device fraud, conspiracy to commit wire and bank fraud, wire fraud, and aggravated
identity theft.

This ois just the beginning of this article, and I think it definitely needs to be read.This can’t be the only good news we find.Found something I should talk about or blog?Send an email and get in touch!

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Question, is the infrustructure of water and power the next to be attacked?

Lets start this post with a question.If you’re a first time reader of the blog, how many of you have ever thought of your water supply or your electricity being cut off because of what you find out later to be a cyberattack?We know this has happened a few years ago, but it isn’t common.

I have a hunch that this will end up changing. As people start to go back to work, even in the midst of the ongoing pandemic, attacks will continue on all types of infrustructure from IT specific attacks to hospitals and more.

I’m really saddened by the fact that they could not keep their word on not attacking the hospitals. I think I called that one and its absolutely sad.

What do you think will happen? Will the electric grid and power supplies be next and for longer periods?

Israeli official confirms attempted cyberattack on water systems is the article dealing with the news of the potential unsuccessful attack. My hunch is that its coming, and I don’t think the power companies are prepared. The water companies are not prepared. It’ll be a matter of time.

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Corona Virus attacks found to be spear phishing in nature: Indian company only part of the problem

While I try to catch up as I sent myself articles I thought would be relevant, a Google study indicates that spearphishing attacks are now the act of Indiana “hack for hire” firms being a part of the ordeal.

I’m sure that we’ve had dealings with different types of companies with differing experiences. Most of the time, we’re treated well, sometimes not so much. But if you’re any type of company that hires people to do any type of phishing, I believe you need to restructure the company.

There are many types of phishing, and you can learn about those. Not all of the phishing is called phishing, so be aware of terms like BEC attacks, Spearphishing, and other less terms in the phishing relm.

I did find the article quite interesting in regards to this Indian company, but I’m sure that there are other companies that could be engagaging in this type of behavior.

Want to read more? Google finds Indian hack-for-hire firms exploiting coronavirus fears via spearphishing schemes is the article that I read which links to other stuff, so why not give it a look. Maybe you can get something out of it that’ll spark your interest.

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Last Week in Security News: news ending May 30, 2020

Where has the week gone? With several things I was supposed to do which I had to bow out of, to the protesting on the streets, to just being tired, I did read some of the news that is mentioned in this past week’s list. The biggest thing that caught my attention which I read was the article dealing with the Mac and trying to secure it the best way you can for your needs.

We all know that the Cyber Criminal element has changed, going from attacking the work infrustructure to the home infrustructure since people are now working in this capacity now. The other thing that catches my attention that I did not read is an article that the red crossis a part of asking the cyber criminals to stop attacking our hospitals, and urging the cybersecurity field to come together to help which they have.

Articles here and elsewhere have indicated that the criminals said they would not attack our hospitals during the crisis, but I had thought that they were just saying that to make themselves look good.Indeed, they have not stopped, and it shows.

Is there anything you want me to talk about that I didn’t highlight?Please feel free to send me an email, and I’ll be sure to hear what you have to say. Thanks for reading as always.

This Week in Security News: How the Cybercriminal Underground Has Changed in 5 Years and the NSA Warns of New Sandworm Attacks on Email Servers is the article that you need to read.

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Another breach, this time, a home food chef delivery service

If you think the airlines are exempt, I also read an article talking about a home chef service that suffered a breach.

Home Chef food delivery service confirms breach, two weeks after stolen data went for sale is not what you want to have happen. Confirming a breach after it went for sale is the worst thing any company can do. If you learn about it afterwords, I can see that as a mistake, but if you knew, and you didn’t publish until afterword, then that isn’t good.

The number of customers that were effected by this breach are unknown.

The group that seems to be attributed to this hack is only known as Shiny Hunters. I think I’ve covered them once before, but even I don’t know much about them.

“We recently learned of a data security incident impacting select customer information, including names and emails, as well as limited customer account
information and encrypted passwords,” the company said in a statement. “We are taking action to investigate this situation and to strengthen our information
security defenses to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.”

You are?

The company did not answer questions seeking clarification about when the breach occurred, how many of its users are affected and whether the stolen information
is being used for illicit purposes.

In the company’s defense, they may not know if the info is used ilicitly, but not disclosing how many customers may not be that good for them.

There are many companies like this one that deliver ingredientsto be able to cook meals. One company who advertised on Twit at one point is Blue Apron. I’ve never heard of a problem like this with them, and I bet they have many customers they deliver ingredients to.

I shouldn’t be surprised that a company like this was breached, eventually all companies will, but the fact we don’t have a number in this case makes me a little concerned for other companies like this.

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Another Airline, another breach

While I’ve been under the weather, I ended up reading about yet another airline that suffered a breach. This time, Easy Jet, A U.K. airline, alerted authorities under the European laws. The number this time is a staggering9 million, small comparitively speaking. This number is no laughing matter, because the information taken includes travel information and email contact info.

Email contact info is not a surprise, as even with other breaches like the Capital One breaches of late, email address information was taken. I know, because one of the breaches Capital One had I was notified about. I’ve also had other problems, but it wasn’t Capital One’s problem, it was other problems.

Mistakes happen, but when are we oing to learn tht personal information is no sneezing matter to lose? Getting travel information can tell a criminal a lot on where someone is going so they can go and raid the victim’s house or place of business.

Easy Jet is not the first airline to have a serious problem, and I’m sure they won’t be the last.EasyJet announces breach impacting 9 million people is the article that I’ve read on this topic, this can’t be good.

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Judge rules Capital One must hand over Mandiant’s forensic data breach report

I’ve been monitoring the events of the Capital One breach that took place by the eledged suspect Page Thompson. In the article I’m using as my blog post, the judge has told Capital One to produce the report that the well-known security firm named in this article did on their network and other aspects of business.

This could be a good thing because we can learn as a whole what went wrong, and maybe we can all learn how to make ourselves better to even inside attacks although Page wasn’t a Capital One Employee.If you remember, Page was a former employee of Amazon, but that didn’t give her the right to access information that was not hers.

Want to read more? Judge rules Capital One must hand over Mandiant’s forensic data breach report is the article, and I hope that you find it of interest. Thanks so much for reading!

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Have a Mac? This article might be for you

While I’ve not been blogging much, I’ve been reading, and I’ve continued to look for items that may be of interest. I don’t really get a Mac article so when I saw this Mac article, I knew that people may be interested in it.It comes from Trend Micro who has products for the Mac to protect yourself from the nastys of the Internet.

Think you’re untouchable because you have a Mac?You were at once untouchable, but actors are targeting a wide variety of platforms and your Mac computer is no different.Keep in mind that each person is going to be different on how they use their Mac, and your instincts will tell you whats safe and what isn’t safe.

The debate of whether to use products like Trend Micro or any other company that can protect you by alerting you or blocking the suspicious behavior is up for debate. While the article I’m linking to indicates that you should install such software, the choice is yours. The tips within this 21-step protection article does include installing something but you need to start with basic computer work as well. This includes removing software that is problematic, out of date and unused software that could be abused, just to name a few.

To read all of the Ideas Trend Micro has about how to keep your mac safe, please read 21 Tips to Stay Secure, Private, and Productive as You Work from Home on Your Mac as a starting point, keeping your own needs in mind of course.

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windows 10 2004 is out with a few warnings

Hi windows 2004 is out for those that want to manually update to it.
Firstly, the latest amd drivers that work with windows 10 are available here.

A note that when installing before restart removing the following tasks will make the software not do stupid things.
start dvr, start cn, modify link update, and all tasks with amd in their titles.
We don’t need to ever interact with the amd software but the amd software likes to change our keyboard shortcuts like the replace shortcut.
Next nvidia.
Its worth noting that the g force experience aint that accessible either and neither are their web detections.
I know some users with version 385 or 384 of the software installed, but that is with a really old card and maybe its time to update it.
Now note if you have 354 or lower and thats the last version you can ever have, then it may actually be time to update that card.
If you got that card for something its now a liability because due to issues with windows your system may screw up.
The easiest solution is to pull and throw it away and get another one or update the driver to the latest you can if you actually can do it.
I know microsoft will probably fix it but if you run 354 of the software then you are running really old software.
There are other issues in this update.
However if you don’t use more than 1 network adaptor at a time, or more than 1 bluetooth device at a time, or have a thunderbolt dock or even if you do, don’t use it then you won’t have a problem.
I actually don’t use bluetooth on my laptop its easier to plug a cable in.
There are issues with some synaptics and conexant devices, and issues with some system files in older drivers.
For older drivers update if you can or replace those devices or wait for a fix.
If you have synaptics or conexant devices that handle audio, then don’t bother.
The last 2 issues have to do with intel and vr and something to do with a mouse and gaming which don’t apply to us blind people.
The only issue I have noticed is that when starting windos the network does not immediately power and you need to wait a couple minutes after login for it to actually do what its supposed to do.
As always, www.dropbox.com has an update www.dropbox.com/release_notes will get you there then click on the latest stable.
You will not lose any settings, my only caution is if you update via media creation you will have to reinstall all your optional languages and features you had on.
Doing it via windows upgrade wizzard means you only have to install the newer features.
After updating you may get a large store apps update to.
As usual notebook manufacturers will have to catch up.
At least intel has fixed my 4th gen system so driver update works again.
As for the issues bar the ones I mentioned, the only issue that may be about is my bluetooth with realtech on my ryzen5 2nd gen workstation which I don’t use.
The network issue is a bit annoying but if I turn off all my updaters on nvda on startup it will not be a problem.
There is a small update to install after everything goes up to from windowsupdate.

And now a note on installs.
On the 2 laptops, my amd unit with realtech and amd and the intel 7th gen unit, I found installing took a while.
On the amd I used the media creation tool and the setup would stay at a percentage for a while and slowly rize.
After that you restarted 3 times and slowly things would go up on each restart.
After updating updates things would restart and then things would just work.
The only issue I had was my amd drivers needed a couple reboots to get up and running.
On the intel, everything just ran with the same as the amd, intel with intel all the way for most stuff anyway using the upgrade assistant.
On the 4th generation system, my dad’s one from 2013 I think it was 2013 the last bios is 2015 but latest drivers are 2016 so I get confused.
This one rappidly wemt up and up, with a few stoppages but seemed to just role with it.
During update of windows the system rebooted at least 3 to 4 times before finally allowing me to check the progress of the update at at least 70%.
On updating, windows needed to reboot a couple times to get settled but seemed ok after that.
Performance wize, with cortana off on the systems I guess there is a bit more.
On my amd and the 7th generation I have not noticed anything muchh.
On the 4th gen things seem a little faster.
On all systems there are a couple seconds where things take to start and shutdown but not that bad it eventually sorted itself out.
Over all I am happy with this update.
One major thing is that I havn’t needed to change any settings or even look at them because even my file associations are in tact.
I have cleaned all the stuff I don’t need but everything works and its fine.
See you later.

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State unemploymentis being ridden, states have it all wrong

In a great Krebs piece, Brian talks about the massive uptick in unemployment fraud that is taking place across the country as the governors across the country had once ordered shutdowns of the states due to the covid-19 pandemic.While a study mentioned to me indicated that the shutdown has no correlation on the spread of the virus, we’ve definitely tried to do the best we can.I don’t have a link to this study, but suffice it to say, we were damned if we didn’t shut it down, or we were damned if we did.

Because the different governors across the country and the world chose to shut down their area of responsibility to curve the spread, fraudsters are not stopping because we are.In one case sited in this article, one state paid out $8,000 if not more to multiple accounts not belonging to anyone in that state!Are there not checks and balances to make sure money goes to their citizens who file properly?I think Brian’s article fits this best. Riding the State Unemployment Fraud ‘Wave’ is the article title and link to this very interesting story. What do you think of it?Lets discuss, as payments are being electronically dispursed now a days, it isn’t all paper checks anymore.

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xLast Week in Security News, news ending March 23, 2020

Hello all,

I’ve been dealing with some issues here health wise so sorry about the lack of posting this week. When I feel I’m getting better, I’ve got a setback but today I’m feeling better.

This post deals with the blog that was posted last week for Security News that Trend Micro writes up each week. Also, not covered at the beginning of this week, a webinar I got notified an hour prior and I attended and taped. More on that later.

Smart Factories may be our next target.The lead post is part 1 of a potential series, and it looks to be a good one.

Not surprising, another covid-19 lure, this time, something called node.js is the vectorand it has a low detection rate.It has something to do with the fact that it could have a fileless component with it, which is part of the problem.

One article this week talks about a group called Shiny Hunters.Shiny Hunters seems to be mentioned as part of many different breaches as of late.

Net Walker deals with filess detections I may have misspoke about something else that had it, but this one does have it, and that can be worrysome.

This is only some of what is in this article. Find something that you want to talk about?Get in touch! This Week in Security News: New Bluetooth Vulnerability Exposes Billions of Devices to Hackers and Backdoor, Devil Shadow Botnet Hidden in Fake Zoom Installers is the article, and thanks for reading!I’ll be playing catchup for awhile throughout the next several days.

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Podcast 345, Cat fishing, Cat Phishing, and Parcel Tracker

Welcome to the technology podcast, podcast 345. On this program, Parcel Track, Catfishing, and Catphishing. Hope you enjoy the program!

Welcome to podcast 345 of the technology podcast series. This time, no covid-19 material as I have quite something different lined up for this podcast. I’m sorry its taken this long to release, I’ve not been feeling well, but the wait is worth it, as you’ll see.

  • What type of app do you use to track your packages? Just before podcast 344’s release, I had a hair, and decided to go searching for a replacement. Parcel Track was found and demoed. Some things including notification fixes were pushed out after the recording, the basic demo will give you an idea on what it is about and how it works. In the first segment, I talk about what I had used before, and introduced Parceltrack. The second segment was the demo itself.
  • Have you heard of terms such as catfishing or catphishing? Yes, thats awesome! I have but not really looked up what it meant until I found a Cyberscoop article talking about a well known figure that does cybersecurity work in the government who was impersonated. I did some looking up, and what I found was quite interesting. Both spellings of fish (phish) are used in this and it was quite facinating.Read the featured post for May 20th, Catfishing, Catphishing, what are they? for more on this, and it links to the Cyberscoop article.

Contact information is available for everyone at the end, and I hope you enjoy the program as much as I have bringing it together for you! Thanks so much for listening md feel free to reach out.


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This Service Helps Malware Authors Fix Flaws in their Code

I read this article which I’m using as the title of the blog post. The article is entitled This Service Helps Malware Authors Fix Flaws in their Code and it amused me. It talks about software that is used for bad being full of holes. That wouldn’t necessarily surprise me. The article goes in to a service that is run to do just that.People pay for code reviews, then its published after the fix is in place. For more, read Brian’s articleIt was quite interesting.

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