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Precision Wire & Telephone has been a trusted name for business phone systems in Utah since 1983. We offer installation and repair services related to network cabling for voice, data, VoIP, hosted services, fiber optics and more.We offer voice and data solutions for businesses of all sizes, helping you do business better. Contact us today to discuss your telecom needs.


Having fast and dependable phone and data systems is crucial for the success and productivity of your businesses. Whether you operate a call center, run a local services business or are part of a growing enterprise, you need systems for communication that scale to your operations. Regardless of your needs, Precision Wire & Telephone can help. For more than three decades, we’ve provided business phone systems and VOIP service Utah business’ trust, along with data cabling and network services.

Precision Wire & Telephone works with several of the top national communication companies to provide outstanding services to customers in Salt Lake City and across Utah. Talk with us about your business’ needs and we promise you’ll be rewarded with customized solutions that change the way you communicate. Trust us to update your phone system to a new VOIP system, complete with all the features and benefits of digital calling. Or, work with us if your system needs repairs or expansion and we’ll make sure it continues to serve the needs of your growing business.

Business Phone Systems, VOIP and Network Cabling Throughout Utah

Don’t forget about data! Data speed and network optimization are more important than ever before, which means partnering with us to improve the latency and reliability of your business’ network backbone. We can install fiber optic, lay new cabling, optimize your racking and much more. Every solution is designed specifically for your business, and well-installed by knowledgeable experts who understand your needs.

If you’re sick of static calls, slow internet or lackluster network performance, call Precision Wire & Telephone and bring your business’ telecom capabilities into the future. Our team is accustomed to working with the best equipment on the market today.

  • We provide outstanding business phone systems, data cabling installation and more.
  • We are a local Utah business, serving business clients of all sizes throughout the state.
  • We’ve been in business since 1983, continually evolving with technology and industry.
  • We are licensed, bonded and insured for our customers’ protection and peace of mind.

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Your business needs the best voice and data systems. Get the business communication systems and network cabling from Precision Wire & Telephone! Reach us today to schedule a consult.

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