Happy Father’s Day

A very happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there.My family got for me a Nismo steering wheel for the Z.No it’s not for the Ghia all you air coolers, but it’s cool nonetheless.It was also my oldest son’s (17th) and youngest son’s (20th) birthdays.I can wait for the day we get to go cruising in the Ghia.

Be Well, My Friends!

With all this COVID-19 crap going on, I hope you all healthy and doing well.Perhaps when all of this is done and life gets back to“normal” I can get a little something started on the Ghia.

Until then, be safe!

What is the Fiberglass Hiding?

The front of my Ghia has a whole lot of nasty looking fiberglass on it.

What is it hiding?I was pretty sure what I was going to find, so I checked the date of my last tetanus shot and peeled back a layer.

It’s as bad as I imagined.I am better off just lobbing off this entire front end and starting over.

This part is apparently the air duct backing plate at the front of the wheelhouse.It’s part #11 in the below sheet metal air duct parts picture below.I’ll most likely need all of these parts.As of the writing of this, the part is available at:


I’m guessing I’ll need parts 1, 5, 9 and 11.

Good news is, it appears there’s decent metal below the rust.

Below pictures for future reference.