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At Pearson Koutcher Law, we think of our clients as family. Here are exact quotes from our clients.

Great Firm with Excellent & extremely knowledgeable Attorneys backed by an Award winning Team of Industrious Staff. I am very fortunate to be represented by this firm. Eric Pearson is one of the two founding?members of the firm and is a pleasant, no nonsense, get it done Lawyer?with Years of Expertise in Workers Comp Cases. Very caring, attentive to his Clients needs and, fights hard for his Clients to ensure that they are treated fairly without discrimination. Don't cheat yourself. If you were Hurt at Work, don't hesitate to contact Pearson Koutcher Law. ?Workers Comp is all they do!

Bill T.

My experience with Eric and Laura had been amazing so far . Their humble and humanity quality's are remarkable! So understanding, kind and earth ground feelings make this hard time journey into a relaxing and realistic expectations time. Their positive attitude make all the difference in a hard process like this one. I'm glad to have them on my side!.

Maria R.

I'd like to personally thank Jon Koutcher for the outstanding representation and the law firm of Pearson and Koutcher for all the hard work they do on behalf of the Operating Engineers local 835 IUOE. They really care about your well being and that of your family.

Anthony N.

Both Eric Pearson and Donna were great! Both were just a call, text, or email away. I received full support throughout my workers compensation claim and always a prompt reply. It helped me feel at ease during a very stressful time. I would highly recommend to friends and family.

Christopher S.

The law office of Pearson & Koutcher is of the highest quality. After I injured myself at work and the insurance company denied my Workman’s Compensation claim, Laura M. Brooke, Esq. worked diligently on my behalf and obtained a favorable decision, which awarded me a weekly indemnity payment and the appropriate course of medical treatment. Both of which I would have never received had it not been for Laura’s tenacity in seeking justice in my case. Moreover, she has provided me with the best medical care by referring me to board-certified physicians, experts in their field of medical specialty.

Mark V.

Where relationships matter

  • Our workers’ compensation attorneys are proud of the relationships we maintain with our work Comp clients.
  • All workplace compensation clients have access to the cell phone number for the work injury attorney handling their case.
  • Meetings are scheduled at the convenience of the client, whether at their place of residence or in our office. As a result of impeccable service and communication, our new clients are quite often referrals from our past and present clients.
  • We strive to provide our workplace accident clients with exceptional service and outstanding results through hard work, strong lines of communication and mutual respect.
  • Our Philadelphia workers’ compensation lawyers represent injured workers in Philadelphia County, Montgomery County, Bucks County, Delaware County, Chester County, Lehigh County (Allentown and Bethlehem), Northampton County (Easton), New Jersey and more.


Featured Settlements

Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Eric Pearson and Jonathan Koutcher Settle Case of Injured Worker for $875,000!

Eric Pearson and Jonathan Koutcher, partners at the workers’ compensation only firm of Pearson Koutcher Law, settled the case of an injured worker for $875,000, which is believed to be the highest workers’ compensation settlement in Pennsylvania in 2015. The injured worker suffered burns to approximately 30% of his body and was receiving wage loss benefits. In addition to disfiguring injuries to the head and neck, the injured worker was also disabled by the scarring and the loss of use of a number of his extremities. Mr. Pearson and Mr. Koutcher filed several petitions to expand the scope of the injured workers’ injuries to maximize his benefit status and also to obtain specific loss benefits (disfigurement and loss of use) in addition to benefits for wage loss. Mr. Pearson and Mr. Koutcher, recognizing the significant medical attention the injured worker would require for his lifetime, had a life care plan prepared, which detailed recommended remodeling of the injured workers’ home, special transportation equipment and the required ongoing medical treatment. The parties to the case participated in an all-day Mediation, conducted by the Honorable Michael Snyder (ret.). In addition to receiving a lump sum settlement of $875,000, the workers’ compensation insurance company agreed to fund and administer a Medicare Set Aside account for the injured worker.

$658,000 Fatal Claim Settlement for Widow whose Husband was Killed in a Work Accident

Pearson Koutcher Law partner Jonathan B. Koutcher settled the fatal claim of a 52 year old widow of a truck driver killed in a work-related motor vehicle accident occurring in 2006. The widow had been receiving fatal claim benefits since the accident. The widow had two children and she and Mr. Koutcher brainstormed how to best protect her interests, as both of her children were close to entering college. Mr. Koutcher was able to structure a settlement for the widow consisting of a large, upfront lump sum of money, periodic installment payments for college education expenses for the children and periodic annuity payments for the widow over the next 13 years.

Delaware County Union Fire Fighter obtains $105,00 Lump Sum Settlement

A firefighter injured his lower back, was receiving treatment from an orthopedist and did not feel he could return to his job as a fire fighter. The workers’ compensation insurance carrier filed a Petition to Terminate Compensation Benefits based upon the examination of the physician it chose to perform an independent medical examination. Litigation ensued and the injured worker’s benefits were placed in jeopardy. The injured worker was represented by Philadelphia workers’ compensation attorney Jonathan Koutcher of Pearson Koutcher Law. Mr. Koutcher devotes his practice to representing injured workers and is certified as a specialist in workers’ compensation. The employer, a city municipality in Delaware County, rarely settled Workers’ Compensation cases. However, after the parties attended a Mediation, with some additional negotiating thereafter, a settlement was reached. Importantly, the injured worker was in a Union and had certain benefits that were preserved, as the injured worker was not required to resign/retire as a condition of the settlement.

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