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  • Improve Through Culture Change

    When I visit and/or assess plants, the largest roadblock to improvement that I encounter continues to be a need to improve culture. When enterprises experience success in this area, it usually comes from one of two paths: ? communicating a clear, understandable vision that is believable and carries easily identified benefits ? dissatisfaction that people […]

  • Find Competitive Advantage With Asset Management

    By Drew D. Troyer, CRE, CMRP, Contributing Editor Most people think of reliable asset management as maintenance. This is natural. How many, though, also think of it as an opportunity to create a competitive advantage? Let’s explore.  Some years back, researchers Robert H. Hayes and Steven C. Wheelwright created a model showing how operational excellence […]

  • Asset Management: Evolution to Revolution

    Q: Asset management is changing rapidly. Where is it all headed? A: Maintenance and reliability concepts have been evolving for a long time with increasing complexity and capabilities. This is further complicated by global competition, the high number of trades/technicians leaving the workforce, changing business dynamics, and the ongoing need to improve culture.

Featured Posts

Featured Posts

Featured Posts


  • Gain Control Of MRO Inventory

    Lack of effective and sustained parts management has a negative impact on your production planning and scheduling.

  • Customized switchgear simulators

    Switchgear simulators train personnel on automatic and manual operation of the company’s switchgear. Customized to mimic operation of the customer’s switchgear/system, the simulators familiarize workers with the system and its operation and help them accurately diagnose a wide range of utility, generator, and breaker problems. The simulators can also be used to assess the impact […]

  • How Many Spares Are Enough?

    Operations people always want an ample supply of MRO (maintenance, repair, operations) spare parts on hand to make sure that production is never at risk.

  • CIP Safety Encoders

    Allen-Bradley 843ES CIP Safety over EtherNet/IP Absolute Encoders, for safety applications that require speed, direction, or position-monitoring functions, are said to improve productivity. The encoders can achieve SIL 3/PLe performance when used as part of an integrated safety system that includes an Allen-Bradley GuardLogix 5580 controller or Compact GuardLogix 5380 controller. By integrating safety with […]

  • Arduino-compatible controller

    ProductivityOpen platform reportedly provides features of a standard Arduino plus the added power and reliability of an industrial controller. The processor circuit of the P1AM-100 Arduino-compatible CPU is designed to mimic the Arduino MKRZero microcontroller. The P1AM-100 is compatible with most available Arduino MKR format shields, and/or the industrially hardened ProductivityOpen shields, and can use […]

  • HMI, SCADA package

    SmartView 4.0 is a complete human machine interface (HMI) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) package for machine builders and OEMs. Said to be powerful and easy to configure, the software allows users to develop effective interfaces displaying the critical information they need to deploy, monitor, and analyze a machine’s operation and overall status. […]

  • Online sensor library

    An online 3-D model library for LVDT position sensors is said to ensure proper fit and seamless integration into a new or existing application. Offered in .stp (STEP) and .igs (IGES) formats for near universal acceptance in CAD programs, the 3-D models help OEMS and end users visualize space requirements for position sensors to optimize […]

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